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Eduto 1.0

Eduto 1.0 is a multi-user and user-friendly school management system. Specially designed and developed for schools with periodical updates. Individual user ids & passwords make the data and system secure. Admin approval system and editorials makes this system a problem free. Pay-roll system and Financial cycle developed to make the audit system easy.

Students marks and attendance displayed in individual accounts of the particular students. Homework and activity messaging system developed for easy contact and access with parents.

Individual staff logins. Homework and activity management systems are enhanced for the subject teachers in their panel. Admin approval system to maintain security and errors. Manual ID creation in admin panel.

Tools Used



Ajax search options with multiple category basis such as :

  • Student name
  • Class
  • Section
  • Mobile number
  • Parents name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Alphabet
  • Roll number
  • Register number, etc.

Daily financial details can be entered and maintained. Billing options comprises of payer name, receiver name, date of payment, purpose of payment, transaction amount, mode of transaction such as cash, cheque, demand draft, credit, online transaction, etc, credit period, receipt number or any other proof. The print out can be processed as daily sheet, monthly sheet, quarterly sheet, half yearly sheet, annual sheet, or in any other periodic limit. Also particular client data can also be collected as print outs.